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Happy Family 2 (Monster Family 2) (2021)

Happy Family 2 (Monster Family 2)
( Animation, Family, Adventure, )


The Wishbones managed to come back to their usual selves, and their usual lives – but not all is perfect. Frank is pressured by his new boss, Fay is failing her school exams – and she has no clue what she would like to do in life. Max cannot attract attention of a single girl in his class, because they are only attracted to older, taller, more handsome boys. Emma, as usually, is trying to help her dear ones, but nobody is listening to her advice.

They soon find out that they need to turn to their “dark side” again, when their friend Baba Yaga is attacked and kidnapped from her own wedding by mysterious Elvira van Helsing, whose aim is to clear this Earth of all the existing monsters. Wishbones must turn into monsters again, to defend their friends, and teach Elvira that “NOBODY IS PERFECT”.