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Latte and the Magic Waterstone (2019)

Latte and the Magic Waterstone
( Animation, Family, | 89 min )
27 Dec


Latte is not your ordinary cute little hedgehog! She is energetic, optimistic and has an imagination almost too wild. She loves telling stories, to anyone who would listen, and she always seems to appear as the fearless hero who saves the day. So when one day the forest animals wake up to discover that their magic waterstone has gone missing and now the forest is facing a drought, Latte bravely announces that she herself will recover the waterstone from the claws of the despicaple Bear King who stole it.

Much to her dismay, Tjum the squirrel is assigned to join her - and he just might discover that Latte's mouth is a bit bigger than her actual courage. But both Latte and Tjum will soon have to overcome their mutual dislikes and learn to work together as a team to save the forest!