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in Trailers / 19.05.2023

Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall in Robots

Casper Christensen and Anthony Hines bring us Robots, a raunchy romantic comedy, premiering in theaters on May 19.

This comedy stars Shailene Woodley (Divergent) and Jack Whitehall (Jungle Cruise) as the leads in what begins as a rom-com that then spirals into a sci-fi adventure.

Set in a world in which robots have advanced enough to replace humans, Charles (Whitehall) and Elaine (Woodley) stumble upon each other only to find they share the same secret — they're both illegally harboring robot doubles who they've been sending out on dates in their stead.

Their robot counterparts eventually fall in love and run away together, forcing Charles and Elaine to team up and find them.

Robots stars Shailene Woodley, Jack Whitehall, Paul Rust, Nicholas Rutherford, Paul Jurewicz, David Grant Wright.

The film is directed by Casper Christensen and Anthony Hines.